Words to Live By

Everyone has a mantra or a motto. You may not consciously realize it, but it’s there in the back of your mind, rearing its head when you need it. Life presents us with situations every day that causes us to draw upon little belief systems we have inside. Call it a personal creed, a motto, a mantra, or a life statement, but there is a way in which you choose to view, and react to, the world and others in it.

Perhaps you “pay it forward”; “perform random acts of kindness”; or “do unto others”?

On the flip-side, maybe you “look out for number one”; “feel only the strong survive”; or “believe in the team of ME”.

The importance is not on whether your inner words are active or passive, positive or negative.  The questions we should really be asking ourselves are these: Why do I view the world in this way? Has it helped me to be happy with my life?

The words you choose should be a true reflection of the life you want to live.


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