Slaying the Beast

Remember when you were a kid afraid of the monster under the bed, or the one hiding in the closet? You looked the other way and believed that if you didn’t see it, then it wasn’t real.

We teach ourselves the fine art of denial at a very young age. It carries on with us into adulthood. We turn a blind eye to the things in life we don’t like or don’t want to acknowledge. As if by not accepting them as truth, somehow they will cease to exist.

Denial is a band-aid fix, my friend. You’re just playing the part of the little dutch boy with your finger in the dam. Do you really think you can hold back that flood?

Everybody’s got a beast in their lives. Some of us “lucky” people have more than one. Beasts come in many forms. It could be anything, such as financial mismanagement, substance abuse, crumbling relationships, or feeling like a failure as a parent.

Deep down, you know what your beast is. When it rears it’s ugly head you can feel it. It fills you up with so much negativity, it is like a storm swooped in and you’re ducking before the lightning hits.

There is only one way to make things better. It may be a hard journey down a long and nasty road. You may even feel like you’re fighting against yourself. Fear of change lets us grow comfortable even in our misery. But you will never be free until you slay the beast.


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