Defying the Odds

I know you have heard stories about people defying the odds. Sometimes its patients with cancer who are given six months to live, but somehow they manage to live another three, five, or ten years. Other times you hear about children born with missing limbs that go on to complete amazing feats like the Olympics.

Do you ever wonder what sets them apart? How is it that these seemingly ordinary people are able to face and overcome these incredible obstacles?

What if there is no single right answer to these questions? Perhaps it is not reliant upon a characteristic or quality within these certain people.

What if it’s a culmination of the support, love, and enduring faith given to them by their friends, family, and the community as a whole? Maybe the answer lies not in what makes that one person so special. Just possibly, it’s about how many other people came together and contributed in any way they could to help a miracle happen.


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