Getting the Scoop on Jessica Scott!

Jessica Scott

It’s author Jessica Scott!

If you haven’t already heard of her, or read one of her captivating books, then I’d like to introduce you to Jessica Scott! She is a woman of many talents and refers to herself as an “Army Officer, Mom, Author, & Wrangler of the Stuffed & Fluffy” (just check her website to see for yourself, see below).

If your not already familiar with her work, you will want to check out her books, “Because of You” and “Until There Was You”, both of which are currently available for purchase from a number of vendors. Her stories are both passionate and heartwarming romances that you will hold dear to your heart long after you have finished reading them.

But this post is about getting the scoop on Jessica (as a woman and a writer). Who better to get it from than the woman herself? I got the chance to have a quick chat with Jessica, and I will share the juicy details with you here:

When did you first know you were meant to be a writer? 

I really didn’t, but I decided that I would seek publication back in 2007 after I finished my first book (which will NEVER see the light of day).”

What was the defining moment in your life that really changed things for your writing career?

“Finishing that first book. That was some heady stuff! Of course, writing the end is really just the beginning because revising is where the real work begins. “

Which of your writing projects are you most proud of?

“I have to say that Because of You is the project I’m most proud of simply because those characters would not give up until their story was told.”

If you could name one person who helped you the most in becoming the person you are today, who would it be and why?

“My mom. She’s such a strong, independent woman. She’s the reason I have the backbone I have today.”

Since most writers are also avid readers, which author or authors are you a fan of? 

“Huge Nalini Singh fan but more recently, Shawntelle Madison has become my go to gal for UF. Full disclaimer that she’s a friend of mine but her voice is just something special! I’m beta reading a project of hers right now and you know it’s going to be good when I get completely sucked in and a whole 30 minutes on the elliptical goes by without me realizing it!”

Do you have an all time favorite book? 

“Whoo that’s such a tough one. I really can’t pick just one.”

How do you overcome writer’s block? 

“Time. I’ve learned that for me it’s not that I’m blocked its that my subconscious hasn’t figured out how to get beyond/through the scene I’m writing. Soemtimes, I have to let it gel, other times, I have to delete a bunch and other times, I have to essentially start over.”

Do you have any favorite bands or playlists to help motivate you during your writing? 

“I definitely write to rock music but really, anything that gets stuck in my head is pure awesomeness. I’m not sure what the connection is between ear worm and word count but there is for me!”

If you could give any piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

“Relax and enjoy it. Life goes by so fast. Take time to simply enjoy the moments.”

What suggestions do you have for new authors who are trying to get exposure for their work?

“I guess the best thing to do is simply find something that you enjoy. If you dig Pinterest, go for it. Do it because you love it, not because it sells books. Be yourself, the rest will follow.” 

You can find out more about Jessica and her books by visiting any of the following websites:


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