To Vote or Not Vote, That is the Question


Sometimes I find myself so disgusted with the limited choices in our political campaigns that I feel little or no motivation to vote.

Then I remind myself that in many places around the world, voting is not an option at all, much less a choice.

It may seem at times like it’s merely a process of choosing between lesser evils. However, simply doing nothing at all will never bring about change (good or bad).

Even if my single vote doesn’t seem big enough to cause a ripple on the pond, at least I will know I have cast it.

Is it not hypocritical to say, “I won’t bother to vote.” Then later complain because of the outcome?

Decide which issues are the big ones. Choose the stances that will make the best change, (because no one is going to change everything the way we want it). So pick and choose and vote your conscience.


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