The Great Big Magical “DO OVER” Button


We all wish we had one. A big magical “do over” button that with a single push would erase moments in our lives we’d really like to forget.

You won’t have to think about it too long to come up with your own real life “poorly made choice” scenarios. Are the outcomes of these moments still haunting you in some way? Are any relationships irreparably damaged by them?

Until time travel becomes a real possibility, we know there is no “do over” button. That leaves us with two other figurative buttons to press.

The first is the “Ignore it and continue on” button which leads to a continuation of how you have currently been dealing with the fallout and changes nothing.

The second is the “what can I do to fix, or perhaps minimize the fallout” button. Which basically means you accept that you cannot undo what has been done, but you can:

A.) change how you perceive it;

B.) realize what you have learned from it;

C.) be aware of how you react to others because of it; and

D.) choose how you want your life to go on from here.

Will you allow a mishap in your past to hold you back in the present or future?

Or will you leave the past behind you, and let the lessons learned make you stronger as you go forward?


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