Dancing in the Rain


When is the last time you truly let go and did something completely on impulse? It’s so easy when you’re a kid to just go with whatever you’re feeling at the moment. You don’t ask questions and you don’t hold back. You don’t worry about what others will think of you. As a child you don’t fret over you responsibilities and the expectations others may have. You simply act, think, and do with a level of honesty, purity, and spontaneity that we lose as adults. We have grown up and we have forgotten how to play! When is a child the happiest? When it is playing and caught up in the fun. Its time for you to give in and do the unexpected! I like to call this “dancing in the rain”. You can take that literally or figuratively, but the point is still same. Let your inner child break free. Go barefoot in the grass; have that chocolate milkshake and forget the calories; just go have fun. Isn’t it time you remembered how it feels to play? It’s time to go dancing in the rain.


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