A Peek Inside the Mind of L.H. Cosway


Today’s post features an interview with one of my personal favorite authors: L.H. Cosway. She has written several books including: Tegan’s Blood, Tegan’s Return, A Strange Fire, and A Vision of Green. Believe me when I tell you, more great books are yet to come our way from this talented author.

But for now, let’s take a peek inside the creative mind of L.H. Cosway and see if we can figure out what makes her tick.

Her thoughts on knowing when she was meant to an be author: 

“I don’t think there was an exact moment when I decided this was what I wanted to do, but I’ve always found that writing was one of the few things in life that came easy to me. I’ll admit that when I was at school I didn’t really put in much of an effort academically until my very last year, and I can remember that when I did start to put in some proper work my English teacher told me one day that I should become a writer. Perhaps that planted the seed.”

The defining moment in her life that changed things for her writing career:

“I can’t exactly pick one out, because I don’t know if this moment has come for me yet. Hopefully one day it will, that would be nice. When I got my first job as a writer with a company in Dublin I’d get to go to all of these conferences for research and I’d be introduced to people as the company’s writer, it kind made it official that this was my job now.”

If she could spend a day living the life of one of her characters:  

“I’d spend a day in the life of Finn, the Irish vampire slayer from my Ultimate Power Series, not for any deep reason, I’ve just always wondered what it would be like to be a man, to see what goes on inside their heads. He’s a real cool customer, so it would be great to get to walk in his kick ass shoes and make derogatory comments about vampires. Oh, and killing them. That would be fun.”

The writing project she is currently most proud of:

“At this moment in time I’m most proud of my as yet to be published romance novel Painted Faces, mainly because it’s set in the every day world that I live in and has provided me with a chance to paint a picture of modern Dublin as I see it. I think there’s something very precious about a book that you haven’t published yet, because it hasn’t had the chance to be shaped by other people’s opinions. It’s just this perfect thing that belongs only to you. When you put it out there it doesn’t belong to you any more, and the story has different meanings for different people.”

Who she feels has helped her in becoming the person she is today:

“I’d like to be sentimental and name one person, but I can’t. I think the person I am today is shaped by everyone. I love coming across new people and studying them, getting to know them and taking something away from the exchange. Each new person I meet changes me, makes me adjust my view of the world, whether it’s in a tiny way or a really big way.”

 The authors she is a fan of:

“I tend to gravitate more towards female authors rather than male, probably because I prefer the female point of view. Women have different priorities when telling a story than men, I think, and female priorities appeal to me far more than male. I adore Kelley Armstrong’s books, I must have read all of them by now, and there are a lot. Other authors I love include Andrea Cremer, Sarah Rees Brennan, and Cassandra Clare.”

On whether she has an all-time favorite book:

“I have many. I could never choose just one because I think I fall in love with a new book on a weekly basis.”

 Her technique for overcoming Writer’s Block:

“I get out of the apartment and do something that’s as far removed from writing as possible. As a writer I find that sometimes you can fall into the trap of trying to write all the time and you neglect the real world. The problem with this is that the experiences you have in the real world are what feed the fictional worlds you create, so you need to balance how much time you spend in each. I get writer’s block when I try to push myself to stay indoors and write. If a writer stays indoors then they’re not going to have any human interaction to draw on. Studying people and interacting with them helps me to learn what makes them tick, and hopefully helps me to create realistic characters on the page.”

The music that helps motivate her writing:

 “Music is a huge driving force for my writing. I mostly love songs where the artist is basically baring their soul to you through their lyrics. I can’t stand lyrics that are vague or metaphorical. I like songs that hit you in the face with their honesty. My favourite artists include Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, Amanda Palmer, and Camille O’Sullivan. There’s also a little dark cabaret band from Brighton called Birdseatsbaby that I love, they haven’t hit the big time yet but I’m sure that’s all to come, they’re amazing.”

The piece of advice she would impart to her younger self, if she could:

“Well, when I was a child I was extremely introverted, and then quite ironically when I got into my teens I talked a lot of rubbish. So I think I’d tell my kid self to speak more and my teenage self to shut up.”

Her suggestions for new authors:

“I’d advise them to spend every moment they can find promoting themselves. This is the part that I hate the most, but it’s the part that’s going to get more people reading your books. Also, make connections with like-minded people. Watch what other successful authors who have been publishing longer do and learn from them. “

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