Roxana Jones – Up Close and Personal

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If you are already a follower of Roxana Jones on Twitter, then you know that she is creative, inspiring, and joyful. She is a bestselling and award winning author, Anthropologist, Master of Political Science, and more.

But for those of you who do not yet know Roxana, here are a few tidbits you will no doubt find interesting:

When did she first know she was meant to be a writer…

RJ: “I was born to be a writer. When I was a little girl, I used to have many journals and diaries that I used to hide in my room because I was very shy and I wasn’t willing to share them with anyone. I remember how my happiest moments were those when I was creating with words, many stories which manifested later as my own life.”

What was the defining moment in her life that really changed things for her writing career…

RJ: “It was in 2009. There came a moment in my life’s path when everything was taken away from me. When I say everything, I mean it. My homelessness and hollowness were what made me realize that I had to go back to my childhood dreams of becoming a writer. After twenty years or more, of denying and evading who I truly was, I was fortunate to be able to reconnect with that part of me that truly made me happy. This has been crucial for me, because today, I’m convinced that to be able to become a good a writer, you have to write from that space where you can transmit your passion and your love.”

Which of her writing projects is she most proud of…

RJ: “The trilogy “While I Was Learning To Become God.” The first book is a best-seller and award-winner, and the second one, “The Dead Still Want To Live,” has just been released a few weeks back. I have started working on the third and last one of the series so I will be spending some time in London and Edinburgh getting some ideas that I need for it. More than being proud of this ongoing project, I love the fact that it is a gift that the universe has offered me so that I never forget what I have been capable of creating in this lifetime. We human beings have a tendency to forget the power of our light, often times we belittle ourselves, and I am no exception. This project will always remind me of how I was able to turn my light on so that it could grow and expand.”

Which author is she a fan of…

RJ: “I truly admire Paulo Coelho. I think he represents a new kind of author, the type that writes to change the world in positive ways. He has a message and he uses his books as the conduit to spread it throughout the world. In that sense, I am one of those writers too, more focused on the message than on the literary forms and shapes.”

How does she overcome Writer’s Block…

RJ: “What I have discovered is that blockages are a thing of the mind. When you write from the heart everything flows more easily. This is why while I’m creating a story, I first let my heart lead and then, in a second moment, I allow my mind to enter as the editor of what the heart has put into words. It works for me every time.”

Her suggestions for new authors who are trying to get exposure for their work…

RJ: “The book industry continues to be transformed at a very fast pace. It is so much easier to put your writings “out there” for others to start getting to know your work. But at the same time that through the Internet it is easier to have access to your audience, you also need more time to build your name or brand, and even if you have a team of people working on this for you, I don’t think that any strategy can be effective if you’re not involved in the process. New authors must be willing to learn about publishing, marketing, sales, PR, social media, and all the different aspects that were once exclusive territory of the traditional publishing companies. In other words, two concepts must definitely stay in mind: multitasking and engagement.”

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One comment on “Roxana Jones – Up Close and Personal

  1. Roxana simply ROCKS!!! I am so privileged and honored to be called her friend!

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