Standing at the Crossroads

There is a moment in life that everyone comes to, some of us more than once. You can always recognize it by the fog bank of indecision that accompanies it.
I can’t help but picture Tom Hanks in the end scene of Castaway. There is our hero at the crossroads, heavily laden with uncertainty and choices stretching out before him.
When it’s you at the crossroads looking down each avenue of choice, how do you choose?
Choices about things like higher education, job opportunities, relationships, and financial investments can be pivotal decisions. The most daunting thing about these decisions is that whatever choice you make, sometimes takes other choice completely out of the equation forever.
So then, how DO you decide to take one road over another? Do you listen to you head or your heart? Do you play it safe or take a risk?
My belief is to rely upon the most trusted internal source I know: Your gut instinct. It can be wholly independent of both emotions or logic. Yet it gives you an inherent certainty inside if something is good or bad, trustworthy or not, safe or dangerous.
Whenever I have truly listened to my gut instinct, I have never been let down.
So when you stand at the crossroads in that fog bank of confusion let you gut instinct be your flashlight to guide the way.


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