Being the Author of Your Life

When you write a story there is a whole world of opportunities to explore. As you make decisions and choices about the story, some options disappear completely, while new and different ones become available.

Now, what is an author to do when they see that a story has grown stale? They interject excitement, something spontaneous and new.

How often do we do that in our daily lives? Do we recognize the telltale signs of being stuck in a rut?

Do we see that we have allowed ourselves to get lost in the humdrum (and for single parents, perhaps lost our individuality to our other role as Mom or Dad)?

Surely, you have heard the phrase, “captain of your own fate”. To a point, this is true.

Granted, life will always throw us a curve ball now and again, and all we can control with those is how we choose to react to them.

But to most everything else, remember this:  Always taking the same path will always deliver you to the same destination.

Sometimes you need to mix it up. Half the fun in life are the surprises we encounter along the way!


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