In the Wake of Tragedy

I was browsing through the internet news headlines this morning when a title caught my eye, “Researchers find more graves at Fla. Reform school” . Even after I finished reading, my thoughts kept coming back to it.

It always horrifies me when headlines like this appear, but especially when it involves a state run institution where people are entrusted with the safekeeping of the lives of children and adolescents.

All too often, I think society gets desensitized to these stories of violence and degradation. We see so much in movies and the media that we are over-inundated with it until many people don’t see it as more than words on the page.

Over this past weekend, I sat down to watch the latest Batman movie. I was already a half hour into the movie before it struck me that this was the very same movie that so many people were killed and injured watching. A chill ran up my spine. It wasn’t that I had forgotten, but more like it had taken a backburner in my consciousness. (For those personally involved in that horrific event, I am truly sorry for all that you endured.)

With so much tragedy in the world, I cannot help but think of the approaching holiday and its true significance. When there is so much bad, I am thankful there is also an abundance of good.

As for the poor souls of those children whose lives were affected by the events related to in the above mentioned article, I pray that they and their families have found peace. Just as I pray the same for all the victims of tragedy all over the world.


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