Catching Up With Kenya Wright

Kenya Wright

Writers lead an insanely busy life, and Kenya Wright is no exception. But I did get her to agree to take a little time out of her crazy schedule so we could do some “catching up”.   🙂

So Kenya, you ended up as a writer, but what job did you dream of having when you were a kid? 

“I dreamed of being a rapper. My name was Queen Kobra. I wrote the most horrendous lyrics. They drowned in curse words and made absolutely no sense. Later, I shifted to dreaming of being a poet. My poems leaned toward the gruesome sexual side. I’m mortified anytime I find one.”

So out of curiosity, what are the top three things on your “bucket list”?

  1. “Hump Jason Momoa’s leg.
  2. Eat samples of foi gras in Paris.
  3. Ski.”

If you could travel back in time, what piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

“Wow. Just one? That’s so unfair.

I was a ridiculously troublesome always-involved-in-drama- female. From my teens and throughout my twenties, I concentrated my every breath on getting the male gender’s attention. My advice to my younger self would be, “Focus on your education, bettering yourself, and getting physically fit. The men will come regardless.”

(Excellent advice indeed!)

Now, with regards to your writing career, what is the biggest challenge you faced or the hardest obstacle you overcame?

“Finding the time to write! I have three kids and a great husband. I’m enrolled in a online MFA program  as well as completing my law degree at University of Miami Law. Additionally, I work a full time job.

I have a cool, groovy desk where I barely write. Instead, people can catch me writing on the train, in the bathroom as my kids take a bath, at the playground, in the gym on the treadmill, and wherever else I can manage a few seconds to knock out some sentences. My ultimate dream is to become a full time writer where I can wake up, grab a luscious coffee from Starbucks, and simply type out chapters with no interruptions.”

As a writer, how do you deal with writer’s block?

“I honestly haven’t been hit with writer’s block yet. It’s coming one day. For now so many novels crowd my head that I’m aggravated that I can’t write them all down fast enough. The biggest thing for me is that I’m a book-buying addict. I go through these spurts of being hooked on a genre, particular plot-line  or author for several weeks. I devour all of those books until I can’t find anymore and then end up writing the book I want to read.

So I think the best advice to someone with writer’s block is to read some good books to get inspired.”

Speaking of “good books”, which authors are you a fan of? 

“I’m a big fan of Laini Taylor. The things that she does with setting and description should be illegal. When I want to write a scene’s location, I read a few chapters out of her book for inspiration.

Kim Harrison’s world building is phenomenal. She’s the reason why I take great efforts to develop interesting book worlds that people would want to live in.

I model my characters’ relationships with Ilona Andrews’ style. I’m a major fan. If I can get the address of this writing couple, I would camp out in front of their door just so I could share their space.

I’ve just discovered Sylvia Day. Her mastery of intense relationships  have triggered me to delve into contemporary romance.”

Don’t stop here, check out more about Kenya Wright at:

Kenya on Twitter

Kenya’s Website


Kenya’s Author Page at Amazon



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