Charles Wells Shares a Few of His Secrets


Charles (Chas) Wells is a highly talented writer, best known for his “Whispering Pines” series (but his sense of humor should bring him some notoriety as well). I talked Chas into spilling a few surprising secrets about himself and his work, which I will share with you here.

If he could spend a day living the life of any one of his characters ~ 

“In the Whispering Pines series there is a character named Chuck Veal. My Grandmother’s maiden name was Veal and Chuck is a derivative of Charles. In other words, I live inside the imaginary world of Whispering Pines as Chuck Veal every time I sit down to write. (daily) Also, Chuck’s brother, Matt, is based on three real life people merged into the a character. Those three people are my real life brothers. So as to the question of “if I could spend a day living as one of my characters?” I’ve spent a lifetime living in the real world as who I am today, so now I exist in an imaginary world. I wake up into one world every morning and daydream my way inside the other as I write.”

How does he overcome writer’s block ~

“I know this is going to sound unbelievable but I’ve never had writer’s block in my life. If anything I have trouble “sitting down and shutting up” when I’m writing. Sometimes, I’m stumped if the plot comes to a fork in the road. I freeze up I guess you could say while trying to decide whether to take the readers left or right. I’ve also spent days working on a few scenes that simply don’t fit comfortably so I cut them out and stash them in a separate file for later use. Many of the 9 (and counting) books in the Whispering Pines series are filled with sub plots that didn’t fit in a previous book.”

One little known fact about him ~

“That fact is included in the Whispering Pines Series. Chuck’s romantic interest is Gail Veal who is touched with psychic and ESP ability. Readers who know tell me how real her ability seems in the books and for good reason. In real life, I’m the one with that ability and not Gail in the book. Don’t get me wrong, my real life ability isn’t as strong as Gail, but it’s just as real, just as scary at times, and just as nightmarish at other times.”

What job did he dream of having when he was a kid ~

“I wanted to be a policeman like my father but as a young child, I began losing my hearing ability. By the time I was old enough to become a cop, I was already legally deaf.”

What is the biggest challenge that he has faced as a writer ~

“My biggest challenge as a writer is marketing the books I’ve written. A Publisher that started selling my first book went south after a year when the owner stopped paying the 200 plus authors. She was blatantly stealing our money and it took me almost a year to get my rights back to the book and ensuing series of Whispering Pines. After that nightmare, I decided to control my own destiny by going independent publisher and immediately ran head on into the next (for me) nightmare which was selling and marketing. I can meet or beat anyone writing creative fiction but I’m the world’s most horrible sales person. Twitter is my favorite outlet but I think my reputation there is “village idiot” more than “professional author selling his/her books“.”

As for his “bucket list” ~

“Since I’m 61 years old, I only have one thing left on my bucket list which is, “Don’t kick it on purpose and stall it off as long as I can. HA”

To learn more about Chas or his books, check out some of the links below:

Charles Wells’ Website

Charles’ Author Page on Smashwords

Check out Charles on Twitter!



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