Book Review of Debra Anastasia’s “Poughkeepsie”

In short, I can’t say enough good things about “Poughkeepsie”!

It all started one day on YouTube when I happened upon a book trailer that instantly captured my attention. Before the video was even half over, I knew I HAD to read this book! I downloaded it immediately and raced through its pages at top speed.

Poughkeepsie is an inspiring love story at its very core. Livia and Blake are wonderful people from opposite ends of the world who come together in the most unlikely circumstances. Livia is strong, brave and determined, all wrapped up in a petite and lovely package. Blake is a quiet, unassuming man with a gentle soul, a will of iron and a fragile mind.

But this book is about more than just a surprising and powerful love story. Blake comes from a background that could grace the pages of any horror story. His brother’s are all that he has had in the whole world, and they are what helped him survive a nightmarish childhood. The bond they share is forged stronger than steel.

Livia also has a family that is imperfect in a way that makes it perfect for her. The connection between her and her sister is something that most siblings can immediately relate too and fondly remember. Her father is the perfect example of a strong, loving man trying to do his best for the family that is his whole world.

Don’t wait another moment to start reading “Poughkeepsie”.

Pick up your copy today.

Book Trailer for Poughkeepsie – Watch it here!

Official website for Poughkeepsie.



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