Busy, Beautiful and Bursting with Life…it’s Debra Anastasia!

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Debra Anastasia is many things: wife, mother, homemaker, pet caretaker, and (lucky for us) passionate writer!

She was raised in New York and studied political science at SUNY New Paltz. But her true calling could not be denied. In her own words, “Insomnia was the gateway for the plots that wouldn’t give up, wouldn’t let go. In the shower, a twist would take hold and–dripping and frenzied–she’d find somewhere, anywhere to write it down.”

Those hastily scrawled words, characters, and plots went on to be published by Omnific Publishing under the titles: “Crushed Seraphim” (her debut novel, #1 on Kindle Best Seller’s list); its sequel “Bittersweet Seraphim”; and (my personal favorite) “Poughkeepsie”.

But wouldn’t you like to know more about this intriguing author who always keeps us wanting for more? I thought you might. So here we go with a little more about Debra, as she tells it:

“I’ve been writing fiction since 2009. I started writing humorous real life stories in 2008. I got started because I went to the car wash by myself and had such a nightmarish experience that I had to share. (I left my window out, my boob popped out of my shirt while vacuuming and a huge spider plopped out when I got change for a dollar.) After I had laughter as a response I was hooked.”

So I had to ask, how does she get the inspiration for her characters?

“In Poughkeepsie you had so many different personality types (and I admit I loved them all – even the bad brother), did you base any of them on people you know? Blake, the main character in Poughkeepsie reminds me of my husband. He was/is such an easy person to fall in love with. And grateful for everything. I mean, holding my hand was special for him. When he’d come to visit my house it was like my heart could finally take a deep, calm breath. Beckett was a little from my father and his brother who were rough and tumble Bronx boys growing up. They had story after story where they would end up fighting with people but for the right reasons! Their uncle was a mentally challenged man who would join the boys at the park and play ball with all their friends. And God help the poor bastard that said anything but kind words about their uncle. They had a reputation by the time they left the Bronx.”

If she could be any of her characters for a day:

“I would pick Angel Emma in Crushed Seraphim. She can fly!”

Even though I love all of her books, I had to ask which projects is she most proud of?

“I’m actually really proud of Mouse’s pattern chapter in Poughkeepsie and Angel Emma’s Hallway of Hell scene. Those two scenes, when I read them back felt like a gift. I don’t even remember writing them.”

Now I’m sure we are all wondering what bands or playlists help Debra set the emotional tone for her writing…

“Ron Pope is on every playlist I have. My music always changes but Ed Sheeran, Dave Matthews, Eminem, Mumford & Sons and The Civil Wars dominate my ears right now.”

One last question, (just for fun), what was her childhood dream job?

“I wanted to be the President of the United States. And how cool are my parents that they encouraged me with that dream? I love them.”

Don’t let your curiosity end here, if your not already reading her books, do yourself a favor and start today!


Crushed Seraphim

Find out even more about Debra Anastasia here.

Check out her facebook page.

Don’t miss her on Twitter.


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