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In the book, The Evans Terrace Girls give their account of what happened when 7 or more parents died within a year or 2 of each other in a small subdivision of about 110 homes. People started saying their land was CURSED. The children heard those rumors about their subdivision and were scared to death. Then, when a neighbor lost her dad to a blood clot after surgery, the kids felt the need to help. When one of the girls heard the rumor that the mourning family ran out of milk, she setup a traditional solution or proverbial lemonade stand. That day, other angels or young children arrived; many of those neighbor kids ran door to door selling half glasses of hot lemonade. They raised enough quarters to buy milk and other perishables. More importantly, they formed a group that became a club and led their neighborhood out of grief. An excerpt from their story can be found later in this article. Meanwhile, the reason the S.H.E Anthology was compiled centers on a very sad event in our nation’s history.

When I heard about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, due to my experiences with many deaths in our small community within a short period of time, I felt that the kids and folks might feel less alienated and alone if they were shown the light at the end of their tunnels. I wanted to find a way to be empower the children and their community while revealing to them a HOPE that things can and do get better. I thought that town might enjoy rhetoric from those kindred spirits.  PLUS, I felt others including health care professionals might enjoy those types of stories.

After pondering a bit, God illuminated my next step. Thinking of three books that I had partial copyrights to, I began compiling that book. Plus, I immediately had the title of an anthology in my mind. By the way, the S.H.E. Anthology is NOT a romance anthology but it was written by all females. In this book, the girls recollected traumas, mostly related to death, that they faced while in elementary school. Their stories reveal their path out of mourning along with many minor miracles that they encountered. Their tales of hope and inspiration are true accounts from those children turned authors. One writer and illustrator is only six; Thai wanted to be a part of empowering children to survive harsh things in life; so, her piece is story number three in this compilation.

The abbreviation ‘S.H.E’ also refers to Sandy Hook Elementary.  Isn’t God the best at setting up coincidences?

This book is meant to empower Newton as well as others that read it. We hope that this anthology, also, sheds some new light on grief recovery in the minds of teachers, mental health professionals, and adults handling major life changes.

The compilation’s royalties will help charities involved in grief counseling or with mental health issues- especially for children therapies for the types of traumas witnessing massacres produce. For example, one local group ‘New Hope for Kids’ (Orlando) will get some of the profits from this compilation because the group that started this organization helped Stacey over 20 years ago; her story is in this anthology as well as excerpts in my blog @

The club founded after the multiple parental deaths and rumored curse lasted four years or until its members became too busy with teenage life to get together as often for charity work; some went off to do their good works alone but continued caring about social and community issues.  The club revived for a year or two just before the remaining girls went off to college.  The following excerpt shows how a lemonade stand introduced many children and their community to random acts of kindness.  Their full story is in the anthology.

Our oldest (club) member, my mom, went against many obstacles to keep our club’s spirit alive.  Suddenly, she was teaching our enthusiasm to her current religion class.  In her lectures, she retold our stories exciting her class into action.  Plus, she added to their thrill “The Power of Prayer.”

One day, in the year 1999, a hurricane was poised to ravage all of Florida.   It looked more ominous than the Y2K bug with arms that could sweep across the peninsula and wipe us out.  Parents sent their children to class that Monday night.  My mom suspects it was to get them out from underfoot more than an act of faith.  First, our club sponsor told her class about the continental shelf as well as the upper wind currents that could spare this area a direct and deadly strike.  Then, she explained the power of prayer coupled with believers left in a city and the promise God makes to spare these places.  “Without the ‘t’ you simply have rust.  With the ‘t’ you suddenly have trust.  You have to really trust God will do what is best!”  My mom challenged her class to faith and hope. So, the class prayed with our club mentor guiding a very simple prayer.

“God, please, slow this level four hurricane by breaking up the wind patterns and push it away from us to a less densely populated place.  If possible keep it off shore and less dangerous than it is tonight.  Thank-you.”

The next week, the children entered the class a buzz about their hurricane.  “Did you see what happened?”

Amazement was short lived because their leader had a new tone. “We forgot to ask God to drop the water over the ocean and spare anyone flooding concerns.  Our prayer was answered, but it harmed others.  So, what should we do?”

“Help them!” Kacey chimed in.

“How?”  Their teacher asked.

“Send them water,” Caitlin stated matter of factly.

“I think they have enough water up there in Carolina,” A jester noted.

“She means our bottled water,” Their teacher’s tone reprimanded.

“We could send them clothes, too!”  Kacey added.

“I heard that after Hurricane Andrew clothes rotted before they could be distributed.  Money is always helpful.  We can send money to the Red Cross,” The mentor continued her role as advocate of charity.

“Raise money with bake sales,” Caitlin enthusiastically chortled.

“Quicker methods with less work should be found,” Their teacher decided.  “How about doing a collection.  After all, this is a church and people are used to giving money.  We could collect pennies.  Most people don’t care about their loose change.  We could collect it.  ‘Pennies for People’ could be our goal and slogan.”

“Sounds good,” Kacey stood up pulling change from her pocket.

“Let’s advertise,” a male yelled out from a group that had been conversing the whole time.  “We need to let other classes participate.”

“Okay, this table needs to make up a flyer for distribution.  This table needs to find newspaper articles about the tragedy and make up a bulletin board, here,” Their leader put their charity in motion.

“What about us?”  The third group asked.

“You are my counters.  Each week, you will tally our money so we can convert it and pay the Red Cross as we go.”

“What is our goal?” Kacey interrupted.

“As much as possible,” Caitlin stated the obvious.

“Eight hundred dollars,” A student added quietly.

“How about a thousand, it is a more even number!” Another added.

“It will never happen,” I informed my mother in the car on the way home as she shared her ideas with me.

“What about the lemonade stand and the beds for the orphans,” She argued.

A few Mondays later, the director of religion approached my mother before class.  I was still in her room awaiting the bell.  “We are concerned with your class project,” Ted began.

“What about it?” Mom resolved to listen before reacting.

“Well, the counters at the church refuse to count a thousand dollars worth of pennies.  Father Glenn fears that your class will be vandalized for the pennies, and he just replaced all the door locks.”

Perplexed, her thoughts were spoken aloud, “First, there will never be a thousand dollars in this classroom because have you ever tried to lift a hundred dollars in pennies?  You need a suitcase on rollers to get it to a bank.  It is just too heavy! I have done it before!  So I can assure you, every hundred dollars will be converted to a check and mailed off quickly. So Father Glenn should not worry. ” Now, she became indignant, “As for the counters, tell them to worry about real issues.”  Sarcastically, this lady continued, “Do you think these kids would let anyone besides them count their money?   Part of their fun and glory is the grand totals.  They want to know their collection amounts immediately.  I am sure I will have more than enough counter! Thank-you very much!”

“Okay, I’ll tell the church their concerns were remedied before we met on this subject!”

“I am going to help you,” I added belligerent.  “I didn’t think your pennies project would succeed.  After listening to that stupid lecture, I am resurrecting the club, and we will help you.  This church’s leaders are whack!”

My mother was overwhelmed when her adult aide entered the class.  After recapping the story, Liz wailed, “No, this church could not stop the charity!  What is wrong with them?”

Our leader was wavering. “I do not know.  I think we should pray about it,” My mom stated. After the prayer, upon lifting our eyes, we noticed a huge bag of pennies pinned to the bulletin board.  “Where did these come from?”

“It is a sign,” I noted.  “God wants us to continue our task regardless of the problems Ted brought up.”

So, we did.  I called a meeting of our remaining members of the Helping Hands Club.  Kate and Tina had moved.  Mia and Ann went back to Canada after a divorce.  Lee was living out of our area due to a divorce as well.  Jane was busy with competitive gymnastics and did not attend this meeting.  I called our group to order with Nicole, Joy, and I at the helm of our club.


What other minor miracles happened when these angels joined forces with others to bring a cursed community back to life and thru more miracle events?  Read The Evans Terrace Girls or their section in the S.H.E. Anthology.

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So, come on buy to be inspired and help grieving children.

It’s a WIN-WIN.

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Ed Coburn And The Dog Who Ate The ???

Ed Coburn


The focus of my interview today is on author, Ed Coburn. My first introduction to Ed was actually through Twitter. He often tweets some of the most thought provoking and deeply inspiring quotes and messages of anyone I have seen.

Yet, his real passion seems to lie in his books. He is most notably, the author of “The Dog Who Ate The ???” series, as well as the beginnings of a couple others, which he mentions later in this interview:

Ed, I have gotten the impression that your love for writing started at a very early age. Can you tell me a little more about that?

“I would have to say at about eight years old. I had a dream and then typed it out the next morning even though, at eight, I didn’t know how to type. My parents, naturally, thought it was great but it was probably crap. But it was a start.”

As is sometimes the case, it can take an important life event to really prompt someone to get serious about their dreams and passions in life. Was this true for you?

“A little over two years ago I had three small strokes and I emerged from that experience a different person and have been writing seriously ever since.”

I know you have written a few different books thus far, but out of all your writing projects, which one are you most proud of?

“I would have to say The Dog Who Ate The ??? series. I will be more proud when it is finished many years from now because the series is alphabetical (A-Z) and I am only writing D now (The Dog Who Ate The Drawing).”

So Ed, that being said, if you could spend a day living the life of any one of your characters, which one would it be and why?

“I would have to say Adam in my series of The Dog Who Ate The ??? series. That’s because he’s young (38), rich, and psychic.”

In your writing career, what has been the biggest challenge for you thus far?

“My biggest challenge would have to be finding enough time to write with all the other parts of my life always getting in the way, Twitter, Facebook, my real job (a programmer for the DMV). But, in less than two years I will be able to retire from the DMV with 5 years and then I hope to become a full-time writer.”

Considering for just a moment, the work of other authors you admire, do you have a favorite book?

“That would have to be “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by Robert A. Heinlein. I’ve read it probably ten times and I have never before read a book more than once or twice.”

Last but not least, what are the top three items on your “bucket list” (assuming you have one)?

“1. Finish my The Dog Who Ate The ??? series as well as write more books in my “Standing” series (the first one is The Last Killer Standing), my “Order Of The White Feather” series (the first one is The Sword of Dalamar) and I want to write some books of two more alphabetical series I want to start.

2. Ride in a hot air balloon and/or go skydiving.

3. Tour Europe and, at least, go back to Ireland where I was in 1997.”

Thank you so much for your time Ed. I am looking forward to seeing where your “The Dog Who Ate The ???” series is going to take us as you work your way through the alphabet.

Readers,  take a few moments to browse through the links below to learn even more about Ed Coburn and his written works.

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Hushed Whispers Spoken to the Wind

I spoke with hushed whispers into the wind,

from there they carried deep in the night,

across the desert sands and further still,

until they reached the mountain tops.

At long last, my secrets found the ears of my intended,

like the warm caress of a lover’s breath,

they poured into his heart.

There they warmed from little sparks,

that fanned into the flames of passion,

igniting a mutual fire,

that spanned across the distance,

consuming us both in a sensuous blaze.

Copyright © 2013 “K.L. Toth”  All Rights Reserved. This poem may not be copied, altered, or duplicated without the express permission of the author.


The Things I Remember Most…

7-20-2010 052

“The things I remember most:

The small size of your hand as I held it in mine;

How you gazed in wonder at things I had long since taken for-granted;

The simple joys you gave my heart whenever you would smile;

How your eyes would light up when you were happy;

How you could crush my heart and soul with your tears;

The way you always wanted to spend time with me, (back before your life got so busy);

How you believed I really could do anything, and that I really did know the answers to every question;

The absolute trust and faith you had in me to know what was best for you.

But you are all grown up now;

Those times are far behind us;

Yet the weight of them draws me down into such sadness for the days gone by that cannot be lived again;

And at the same time gives me hope for the future memories you and your baby will someday share;

I will always miss the way your little face once looked up at mine, with all the love and trust in the world;

I will always long for the times when you still felt like you needed me, and I could be your hero;

But I will always love you more than anything in this world, and it will grow with each passing day;

These things I remember most will never fade away with time;

They live forever in my heart.

Copyright © 2013 “K.L. Toth”  All Rights Reserved. This poem may not be copied, altered, or duplicated without the express permission of the author.

Q & A With Gabe Berman



photo Gabe


Today’s interview casts the spotlight on Gabe Berman, the author of “Live Like A Fruit Fly: The Secret You Already Know”. If you haven’t yet read this insightful book, I will give you a short summary: This book is filled with true to life stories, thought provoking ideas, messages of inspiration, reminders to never underestimate the importance of thankfulness, and heart-felt encouragement to pursue one’s passions before it’s too late.

(**Personal review – This is definitely a must read book for anyone who keeps putting off their dreams for another day, believing that there will be time later to do those things, because this book reminds us that later may never come. In today’s world, that is sometimes easy to forget.**)

Now, let’s get to know a little more about the man himself.

So tell us Gabe, if you could meet any other writer of your choosing in person, who it would be?

“If you give me a time machine, I’d go back and hang with the Osho. And if you don’t give me a time machine, I’ll build one.”

That would be pretty ingenious of you. 🙂

Considering the subject matter of your book, one can’t help but wonder: what are the top three things on your “bucket list”?

“1. To never worry about money again;

2. To continue being healthy;

3. Enlightenment would be nice”

Out of curiosity, what job did you dream of having when you were a kid?

“Growing up on Long Island, I wanted to be in Billy Joel’s band. I still do.”

On that note, do you have any musical talents/abilities, or is it one of those I just wish I was a rock star kind of dreams?

“If you don’t know how to play the guitar, you’d think I’m good. But if you’re an eight year old who took a few lessons, you’d know I’m not.”

Hypothetically speaking, if you could live for a day as any other person (fictional or not), who would it be?

“Jesus. I just need to know what really happened.”

Looking back for a minute, if you could give any piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

“Don’t worry so much. And in ten years from now, I’d say the same thing.”

Wise words. Okay, with regards to your writing career, when did you first know you were meant to be a writer?

“I don’t think we’re meant for anything. We’re all born with certain skills and it’s up to us to follow the path. But then again, there’s a good chance I have no idea what I’m talking about. So to be safe, I’ll answer the question: There was a book I read as a kid that made me want to be a writer – The Spy in the Ointment by Donald E. Westlake. In this spy novel, the main character speaks to the reader in parenthesis as if he’s talking to the camera in a movie. It seemed to break all the rules of writing. I related to that and I still do.”

So, what was it that really changed things for your writing career?

“The Miami Herald called me one afternoon and said they heard great things about me. I hung up on them because I thought someone was playing a joke. Thankfully they called back and a week later my first column appeared in their paper.”

What are your thoughts on overcoming writer’s block?

“Writer’s block is bullshit. Writing is an excruciating process of finding the balance between action and surrender.  If you’re stuck, surrender and stay open. The words will come to you. Eventually. Don’t force. And certainly don’t settle.”

As a last note here, do you have any favorite authors?

“No one has floored me like J.D. Salinger.”

Okay, I fibbed, one more last question, (LOL), if you could name one person who helped you the most in becoming the person you are today, who would it be and why?

“I know I sound cocky here but the truth is, it’s me. It’s my perseverance which enabled the butterfly effect.”

And there you have it readers, a peek into the life of author Gabe Berman! Be sure to check out his book, “Live Like A Fruit Fly: The Secret You Already Know.” (You will be doing yourself a huge favor!)

book photo 

It’s available now from Amazon!

**Want some more good news? Gabe’s next book will be coming out very soon: “The Complete Bullshit Free And Totally Tested Writing Guide To Making Publishers, Agents, Editors and Readers Fall In Love With Your Work”! (So be on the lookout for it.)**

Now, don’t let your curiosity stop there, find out even more about Gabe through the links below:


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Zoe Whitten – Hipster Zoe

Zoe Whitten Pic

Zoe Whitten is the author of such books as, “Peter the Wolf”, “Roll the Bones”, “Dogs of War” and more. Her blog is upfront and honest (like it or not), and not needing your approval, much like Zoe herself. Read on for some more tidbits about this talented author.

Zoe’s career as a writer found its surprising start from a short story and some well-deserved praise. As she tells it:

“I’d often wanted to write, and my first desire to do so came after reading Stephen King’s It when I was 12. But it wasn’t something I pursued until 23, when a close friend of mine suggested that I write a journal. Instead of doing that, I wrote a 100 page “short story” and handed it to her. She finished it the same night and looked at me and said, “My God, you really are a writer.” I just kept making up new stories from there.”

If given the chance to spend a day as a character from one of her books, the superhero has it.

“Maybe as Terry Donalds, from A Frosty Girl’s Cure. She’s a superhero with ice-based powers, which would be pretty cool to play around with for a day, if you’ll forgive a bad pun.”

A true writer with heart, Zoe has difficulty picking a favorite from among her works.

“That’s a tough call, because I’m proud of all my stories for various reasons. But I guess the works I’m most proud of are The Lesser of Two Evils, Peter the Wolf, Saving Gabriel, and Sandy Morrison and the Pack of Pussies. All of these have strong characters and unique story lines that take familiar tropes and twist them into something new and unexpected.”

She has no trouble determining the one person who has most helped her along the way.

“My husband Luciano. Without his beta reading and encouragement, I don’t think I could have stuck it out during those first oh-so-quiet years of self-publishing.”

In keeping with Zoe being a multi-genre author, she also loves a variety of other authors and books.

” The top of my list these days is John A. Lindqvist, who I have yet to read a bad book from. After that my list of favorites include, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, Katey Hawthorne, Gina Ranalli, and Zoe Winters. Absolutely impossible for me to choose a favorite book. There’s just so many good books to love.”

As with her love of many authors, Zoe also draws on a variety of music for inspiration.

“MGMT’s albums, Oractular Spectacular and Congratulations, are awesome backgrounds for me to write to. Also good is anything by Vampire Weekend, The Killers, Janelle Monae, Neko Case, Amy Winehouse, Tom Petty, or Pink Floyd. That’s not a definitive list, just the stuff I listen to most commonly while writing.”

One of her biggest challenges as a writer, (as is with many other writers), is making sure to attain that connection with the reader.

“As an indie writer, the toughest part is getting books into peoples’ heads. There’s so many books coming out at every level of the market that it’s hard to catch peoples’ attention. When I do get a sale or a review, it feels really good because I know there’ thousands of other writers they could spend their time with. So that they’ve shared time with me is a miraculous connection through all the online chatter.”

On killing off her characters…

“As for the hardest obstacle, I’d say it’s having to follow through on the death of a character who I’ve come to know and love. I absolutely hate to do it, and I still do it anyway.”

If she could give advice to her younger self…

“Nothing, but I would appreciate the ability to go back in time and show that frightened little kid what they would eventually grow up to become. I think maybe knowing I had a future might have made all the bullying and abuse less painful.”

Find more about Zoe Whitten:

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Book Promo – Tegan’s Blood (The Ultimate Power Series #1)

Her heart is broken and bleeding. But her blood is going to get her into trouble.

Tegan wonders if it is possible to die of a broken heart. For over two months she has grieved and not left the confines of her apartment in Tribane city. Following her friend Nicky’s advice, she is now going to step outside and start her life over again.

On her very first night outdoors, Tegan joins her friends at the Crimson club where she draws the attention of the mysterious owner, Ethan Cristescu. She is not entirely sure why this beautiful man is so interested in her, but she has a feeling there is something not quite right about him.

As she falls deeper into Ethan’s world, Tegan makes some shocking discoveries about who she really is, and finally uncovers the true face of her home city. Tribane is inhabited by vampires, dhamphirs, slayers, witches and warlocks. The problem is, they all want Tegan for her very special blood.

She doesn’t want to hide again, but she also doesn’t want these creatures to capture her. Tegan has a difficult decision to make. Should she run away or stand and fight?

Get it here!

****REVIEWER OPINION**** – I love this series! I cannot say enough good things about it. This is the book that starts it all, and I promise it only gets better from here. Tegan, the main character, is so engaging you get caught up with her in no time. Ethan, the main male character, is absolutely mesmerizing. You won’t want to put this book down! Its a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish and will DEFINITELY leave you wanting more!

(Currently free today (March 5th, 2013) on Amazon!