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Zoe Whitten is the author of such books as, “Peter the Wolf”, “Roll the Bones”, “Dogs of War” and more. Her blog is upfront and honest (like it or not), and not needing your approval, much like Zoe herself. Read on for some more tidbits about this talented author.

Zoe’s career as a writer found its surprising start from a short story and some well-deserved praise. As she tells it:

“I’d often wanted to write, and my first desire to do so came after reading Stephen King’s It when I was 12. But it wasn’t something I pursued until 23, when a close friend of mine suggested that I write a journal. Instead of doing that, I wrote a 100 page “short story” and handed it to her. She finished it the same night and looked at me and said, “My God, you really are a writer.” I just kept making up new stories from there.”

If given the chance to spend a day as a character from one of her books, the superhero has it.

“Maybe as Terry Donalds, from A Frosty Girl’s Cure. She’s a superhero with ice-based powers, which would be pretty cool to play around with for a day, if you’ll forgive a bad pun.”

A true writer with heart, Zoe has difficulty picking a favorite from among her works.

“That’s a tough call, because I’m proud of all my stories for various reasons. But I guess the works I’m most proud of are The Lesser of Two Evils, Peter the Wolf, Saving Gabriel, and Sandy Morrison and the Pack of Pussies. All of these have strong characters and unique story lines that take familiar tropes and twist them into something new and unexpected.”

She has no trouble determining the one person who has most helped her along the way.

“My husband Luciano. Without his beta reading and encouragement, I don’t think I could have stuck it out during those first oh-so-quiet years of self-publishing.”

In keeping with Zoe being a multi-genre author, she also loves a variety of other authors and books.

” The top of my list these days is John A. Lindqvist, who I have yet to read a bad book from. After that my list of favorites include, Stephen King, Anne Rice, Stephenie Meyer, Katey Hawthorne, Gina Ranalli, and Zoe Winters. Absolutely impossible for me to choose a favorite book. There’s just so many good books to love.”

As with her love of many authors, Zoe also draws on a variety of music for inspiration.

“MGMT’s albums, Oractular Spectacular and Congratulations, are awesome backgrounds for me to write to. Also good is anything by Vampire Weekend, The Killers, Janelle Monae, Neko Case, Amy Winehouse, Tom Petty, or Pink Floyd. That’s not a definitive list, just the stuff I listen to most commonly while writing.”

One of her biggest challenges as a writer, (as is with many other writers), is making sure to attain that connection with the reader.

“As an indie writer, the toughest part is getting books into peoples’ heads. There’s so many books coming out at every level of the market that it’s hard to catch peoples’ attention. When I do get a sale or a review, it feels really good because I know there’ thousands of other writers they could spend their time with. So that they’ve shared time with me is a miraculous connection through all the online chatter.”

On killing off her characters…

“As for the hardest obstacle, I’d say it’s having to follow through on the death of a character who I’ve come to know and love. I absolutely hate to do it, and I still do it anyway.”

If she could give advice to her younger self…

“Nothing, but I would appreciate the ability to go back in time and show that frightened little kid what they would eventually grow up to become. I think maybe knowing I had a future might have made all the bullying and abuse less painful.”

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One comment on “Zoe Whitten – Hipster Zoe

  1. Alyce Wilson says:

    Interesting interview! That’s a great perspective: not wanting to go back and change anything. I’ve often found that, when I’ve thought about it, I’ve gained more from negative experiences than from positive!

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