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Today’s interview casts the spotlight on Gabe Berman, the author of “Live Like A Fruit Fly: The Secret You Already Know”. If you haven’t yet read this insightful book, I will give you a short summary: This book is filled with true to life stories, thought provoking ideas, messages of inspiration, reminders to never underestimate the importance of thankfulness, and heart-felt encouragement to pursue one’s passions before it’s too late.

(**Personal review – This is definitely a must read book for anyone who keeps putting off their dreams for another day, believing that there will be time later to do those things, because this book reminds us that later may never come. In today’s world, that is sometimes easy to forget.**)

Now, let’s get to know a little more about the man himself.

So tell us Gabe, if you could meet any other writer of your choosing in person, who it would be?

“If you give me a time machine, I’d go back and hang with the Osho. And if you don’t give me a time machine, I’ll build one.”

That would be pretty ingenious of you. 🙂

Considering the subject matter of your book, one can’t help but wonder: what are the top three things on your “bucket list”?

“1. To never worry about money again;

2. To continue being healthy;

3. Enlightenment would be nice”

Out of curiosity, what job did you dream of having when you were a kid?

“Growing up on Long Island, I wanted to be in Billy Joel’s band. I still do.”

On that note, do you have any musical talents/abilities, or is it one of those I just wish I was a rock star kind of dreams?

“If you don’t know how to play the guitar, you’d think I’m good. But if you’re an eight year old who took a few lessons, you’d know I’m not.”

Hypothetically speaking, if you could live for a day as any other person (fictional or not), who would it be?

“Jesus. I just need to know what really happened.”

Looking back for a minute, if you could give any piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

“Don’t worry so much. And in ten years from now, I’d say the same thing.”

Wise words. Okay, with regards to your writing career, when did you first know you were meant to be a writer?

“I don’t think we’re meant for anything. We’re all born with certain skills and it’s up to us to follow the path. But then again, there’s a good chance I have no idea what I’m talking about. So to be safe, I’ll answer the question: There was a book I read as a kid that made me want to be a writer – The Spy in the Ointment by Donald E. Westlake. In this spy novel, the main character speaks to the reader in parenthesis as if he’s talking to the camera in a movie. It seemed to break all the rules of writing. I related to that and I still do.”

So, what was it that really changed things for your writing career?

“The Miami Herald called me one afternoon and said they heard great things about me. I hung up on them because I thought someone was playing a joke. Thankfully they called back and a week later my first column appeared in their paper.”

What are your thoughts on overcoming writer’s block?

“Writer’s block is bullshit. Writing is an excruciating process of finding the balance between action and surrender.  If you’re stuck, surrender and stay open. The words will come to you. Eventually. Don’t force. And certainly don’t settle.”

As a last note here, do you have any favorite authors?

“No one has floored me like J.D. Salinger.”

Okay, I fibbed, one more last question, (LOL), if you could name one person who helped you the most in becoming the person you are today, who would it be and why?

“I know I sound cocky here but the truth is, it’s me. It’s my perseverance which enabled the butterfly effect.”

And there you have it readers, a peek into the life of author Gabe Berman! Be sure to check out his book, “Live Like A Fruit Fly: The Secret You Already Know.” (You will be doing yourself a huge favor!)

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It’s available now from Amazon!

**Want some more good news? Gabe’s next book will be coming out very soon: “The Complete Bullshit Free And Totally Tested Writing Guide To Making Publishers, Agents, Editors and Readers Fall In Love With Your Work”! (So be on the lookout for it.)**

Now, don’t let your curiosity stop there, find out even more about Gabe through the links below:


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  1. I especially like the balance of action and surrender.

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