Hushed Whispers Spoken to the Wind

I spoke with hushed whispers into the wind,

from there they carried deep in the night,

across the desert sands and further still,

until they reached the mountain tops.

At long last, my secrets found the ears of my intended,

like the warm caress of a lover’s breath,

they poured into his heart.

There they warmed from little sparks,

that fanned into the flames of passion,

igniting a mutual fire,

that spanned across the distance,

consuming us both in a sensuous blaze.

Copyright © 2013 “K.L. Toth”  All Rights Reserved. This poem may not be copied, altered, or duplicated without the express permission of the author.



One comment on “Hushed Whispers Spoken to the Wind

  1. I like this poem, especially the first line. Very powerful.

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