The Evil of Men’s Hearts

By now most everyone has heard of the tragedy at the Boston marathon. It horrifies me to my very core. It is worse then any scary movie or horror story on the market.

It is irrefutable proof that great evil dwells every day in the hearts of men. I say men in a general sense referring to mankind.

The fact is: men have committed greater atrocities and unforgivable acts than can ever be imagined, even in the worst of nightmares. Pointless violence for the sake of violence, done to fill a sick craving in a maniac’s mind, or to make a statement which has no direct bearing on its victims is the expression of an evil that knows no justice and fears nothing.

One can only hope for a day when darkness is finally overcome by light, when real-life villains do fall and heroes prevail, and when life is appreciated by all for the blessing that it is.

My sincerest heartfelt prayers go out to the victims and families of this latest tragedy.




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