Facing Unusual Obstacles

There are phases in life where we find ourselves facing one obstacle after another.
It’s times like this that seem to beat us down spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.
Sometimes you see them coming, like a freight train in the distance. At other times, it is almost like getting caught up in a multi-car collision you could not have anticipated.
Either way, when they do come that’s when the true tests of strength and character begin.
It’s how you face the adversity and push through it; or how you manage to see past the obstacles and find the workable solutions that bring you out of the storm and back into calmer waters.
No one solution can work for everyone, but there are helping hands that can guide you along the way.
Depending on your situation and personal beliefs, you might choose guided meditation, counseling, a support network of friends, bible study, therapeutic walks to clear your head, a combination thereof, or perhaps your own secret “pick me up”.
That is truly the secret to getting through these hard times – you must have a guide or a “pick me up”. You have to find that thing, (whatever it may be for you personally), that gives you the strength and conviction to carry on.
In times of happiness and joy, you should make a list of your blessings, and keep it close on hand for the days when you need reminding.
I would also recommend a personal mantra or motto that gives you comfort or reassurance. For me personally, it is this: “This too shall pass.” Other popular choices include: “Everything happens for a reason” and “If God leads me to it, he will help me through it.”
The important thing is that it has to have special meaning to you or it won’t ring true.