Plain of the Fourteen Pillars – New Book Promotion

14 pillars cover


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Plain of the Fourteen Pillars – Book 1

Aka Bradley. A quiet part of the little-known universe. A dimension frequented by only an allusive few. Where vast plains and picturesque meadows are inhabited by relatively innocent, although odd creatures. Where the hustle and bustle of town life has gone on conservatively for countable days… and then some. But when Billy, a rugged fourteen year old from Yorkshire, arrives all-of-a-sudden, and hooks up with Cetra, the quirky redheaded girl with detachable appendages, what one might call “all-Hell” breaks loose. Now, all Billy wants to do is find a way home, but the self-imposed guardians of Bradley; those known as Humps – big, ugly and gross – have other ridiculous and humiliating plans for him. Strike up an adventure to rival his own imagination, to which Billy and his newly acquired team of travellers will stumble upon the answers to age old questions, not just relating to Bradley, but to the universe, and Earth itself.

Ride alongside Billy as he traverses the Plain of the Fourteen Pillars, ultimately endeavouring to make his way home, and having a grand-old-adventure in the process. Meet quirky, charismatic, and humorous characters along the way, guiding Billy through this strange land. Be a part of their journey as they learn to rely upon one another. Feel their fears, love, jealousy and mistrust. But also join in the laughter and fun as meaningful friendships grow within the confines of a group who as individuals lacked any real purpose or direction to their lives.

Plain of the Fourteen Pillars is a fun ride; and it is only the beginning of Billy’s adventure….

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