Book Review for “Purgatory: Soldiers of Misfortune” by Darryl Olsen



Novel Description:

He may have made a few wrong decisions in his life, but the last thing veteran Harry Taylor expects after closing his eyes for the last time is to wake up in a foreign landscape filled with the horrors of his worst nightmare. A place like no other, welcome to Purgatory.

Formed at the beginning of time, Purgatory is a place where all the wrongs of the physical world have gathered, a place filled with terror and controlled by an ancient and ruthless group of warriors called Leviathan. Can Harry survive these warriors hell bent on capturing and enslaving all those before them?

One thing’s for sure, if Harry is to survive, he’d better start forming alliances with the other damned souls trapped here. But can anyone be trusted in Purgatory?

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Now for my personal take on the book:

This book utterly amazed me. From the very first page, I was struck by how real and captivating the characters were. Each person was developed so well, with such complex personality traits, they felt like friends in no time at all.
Harry, the main character, is the very best of what a woman longs for in a man. He is heroic, noble, courteous, gentlemanly and dashing. At the same time, he has the faults that make him believably human. He can be a little naive to the dangers of this strange world. Not to mention, he always wants to have the creature comforts of home, (fire and food), even when it may put them all into danger by doing so. However, he is a true hero at heart and plunges headfirst into danger to preserve the safety of his friends.
In contrast, Luke is the absolute embodiment of a rough and tough soldier. He is hardcore through and through, but he has his own tender moments. It is clear throughout most of the book that Luke doesn’t like to take orders and tries to assume a leadership role. Yet, even with that being said, he puts his life on the line many times to save others.
Susan is one of those characters you absolutely love to hate. Introduced early on, she is unappealing and obnoxious in so many ways. Just the same, almost anyone can relate to her feelings of social isolation and exclusion. She wants to be popular and liked, but her mouth is her own worst enemy. Interestingly, as you progress through the book you will begin to see positive qualities in Susan that you didn’t expect. She is like a late blooming flower that you might disregard if you didn’t take the time to nurture it.
There are so many great characters in this book. My personal favorites included: Grace the shy and quiet beauty; Kelley the strong spirited but battle worn journalist; Edward who seems to be equal parts of wise sage and guardian angel; and Varagian the Achilles’ style hero you didn’t expect.
I am so thankful that this book is part of a series because I didn’t want it to end.
From start to finish, it’s a whirlwind ride of nonstop action and discovery, culminating into an ending that leaves you desperate for more.


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