Slices of Life (Interviews)

The world is full of amazing people. Every one has a slice of life that is worth learning about and maybe learning from. This page is dedicated to just a few of the incredible people who have chased their dreams and made them a reality.

Check these people out:

Author 1  Michael Allan Scott

20140208-013252.jpg   Tara Brown

193593_435541959829184_37511874_o   Matt Cavallo


Daniel Kemp Photo   Daniel Kemp

Jim Dixon   Jim “Soapy” Dixon

Rob-75x850-Cropped   R. S. Guthrie

Ed Coburn   Ed Coburn

photo Gabe   Gabe Berman

Zoe Whitten Pic    Zoe Whitten

Small Author pic   Debra Anastasia

chas_b&w    Charles ‘Chas’ Wells

John Geddes   John J. Geddes

Kenya Wright   Kenya Wright

_MikeLaneTwitter   Mike Lane

Roxanna Pic   Roxana Jones

Maria Monteiro   Maria Monteiro

L.H.Cosway   L.H. Cosway

Jessica Scott   Jessica Scott


One comment on “Slices of Life (Interviews)

  1. […] Below is the transcript of an interview I gave to K.L. Toth – 12/05/2012. Her website can be found by clicking here. She’s got a nice selection of other interviews on her ‘Slices of Life’ page found here. […]

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