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Shifter Seduction (6 author Boxed Set presented by Amira Press)

6 Bestselling Amira Press Authors in one major bundle for a limited time only!

Defying Pack Law – Eve Langlais

Dana fled her pack and their laws to live on her terms, but the price of defiance was her happiness. Could it be that now older and wiser, she can accept the Lycan menage way of life? Or will jealousy and fear send her running again?

Surrounded by Pleasure – Mandy Harbin

Attorney Krista Owens hopes to lose some inhibition and maybe, finally, her virginity, but she doesn’t know the men she’ll be staying with are mountain lion shifters whose instinct to mate with any available woman can turn deadly, or that the moment Toby Woods sees her his feral side will stop at nothing to have her.

Juneau Heat – Tressie Lockwood

Shiya’s been chatting up Birk Rider online and agrees to meet him in face-to-face in Juneau, Alaska. When Birk suggests a threesome with her taking on him and his buddy Kotori Munro, she can’t say no to the sexy bear shifters, even if her family of hunters wants them dead.

Lycan Lover – S. K. Yule

A party turns deadly, and Karen is stalked into the dark night. Ancient lycan, Anthony, saves her, and an instant, undeniable chemistry ignites between them. But will the fire last after Karen sustains a bite from a rogue, and she finds out Anthony is something she thought only existed in horror stories?

Three Fur All – Crymsyn Hart

October has escaped her kidnappers only to run into the arms of two very sexy wolves. The more Mika and Elliot fight their growing attraction to her, the more they desire to show October a howling good time. Together they will risk everything to save the woman they love before everything explodes around them.

Theirs to Claim – LeTeisha Newton

Zelina thought she was sworn off dating–until she woke up between a naked set of twins. Rion and Quin are determined to prove that Zelina is their mate in any way they can. If that means keeping her in bed–under them, over them, or between them–so be it.



Cover Reveal for Because of You by Maria Monteiro

I am so excited to announce the cover real for Because of You the soon to be released book by Maria Monteiro. (It is slated to be available as of September 17th. I can’t wait!) So without further ado, here is the sizzling hot cover for Because of You:

because of you reveal-1

As if the cover alone wasn’t enough to snag your attention, check out the book synopsis below:


No one ever forgets their first love.

Six years ago Austin broke Jade’s heart. On that day he went from being her best friend to the person she hates the most.

Now six years later Jade’s life has been turned upside down, the family she once knew no longer exists. Her father’s infidelity has made it hard for her to trust anyone.

That is until she reconnects with the one person she’s despised the most.

Will Austin be able to break through Jade’s wall of anger to get her to trust him again?

Or will she always see him as the boy who first broke her heart?

Together they will learn what love is really all about.


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The Nature of Cruelty – Book Promo

I can’t wait to tell you about a super HOT book that just became available! It’s called “The Nature of Cruelty” by L.H. Cosway.

Its got so much chemistry its ready to explode off the pages. This is a definite MUST read. Its not your typical romance, but the characters are so raw and real they leave you begging for more.

Nature of Cruelty


Her name is Lana. She wasn’t dealt the easiest cards in life. She wasn’t dealt the hardest. She has an illness, but she doesn’t let it rule her. The first time she laid eyes on her best friend’s twin brother she fell in love at first sight. It didn’t last very long. He was a hateful boy who made her miserable. The happiest day of her life was when he moved away to London six years ago.

His name is Robert. He breaks the ones who love him. He’s always liked to play games with Lana, see how far he could push her. He once thrived on her pain, but no more. Now she’s coming to London to live with his sister for the summer and this time he plans on being her friend instead of her tormentor. But Lana is scarred by his past bullying. She doesn’t trust him, nor does she have any reason to.

When the two find themselves living under the same roof, they call a truce. This summer will change both of their lives, as they put their history aside and learn one another from scratch.

When fear takes over, we use cruelty as a mask. Robert and Lana’s story will see their masks slip away as the love they felt on the inside shows its true face.

**Not suitable for younger readers. Contains strong language and scenes of a sexual nature.**

**This is a full-length standalone novel.**

The Nature of Cruelty – Get it today!

Also available on Smashwords



The Things I Remember Most…

7-20-2010 052

“The things I remember most:

The small size of your hand as I held it in mine;

How you gazed in wonder at things I had long since taken for-granted;

The simple joys you gave my heart whenever you would smile;

How your eyes would light up when you were happy;

How you could crush my heart and soul with your tears;

The way you always wanted to spend time with me, (back before your life got so busy);

How you believed I really could do anything, and that I really did know the answers to every question;

The absolute trust and faith you had in me to know what was best for you.

But you are all grown up now;

Those times are far behind us;

Yet the weight of them draws me down into such sadness for the days gone by that cannot be lived again;

And at the same time gives me hope for the future memories you and your baby will someday share;

I will always miss the way your little face once looked up at mine, with all the love and trust in the world;

I will always long for the times when you still felt like you needed me, and I could be your hero;

But I will always love you more than anything in this world, and it will grow with each passing day;

These things I remember most will never fade away with time;

They live forever in my heart.

Copyright © 2013 “K.L. Toth”  All Rights Reserved. This poem may not be copied, altered, or duplicated without the express permission of the author.